The Midas team has launched their investment package targeted at masternode operators. Investors within the masternode space are given access to more stable investment opportunities through the index management system.

For a start, investments on the Masternode Index will be equally distributed across 5 coins – Midas, e-Sport Betting, TELOS COIN, Divi Project, and Bitcoin. According to the team, these projects have demonstrated long-term stability and significant ROI opportunities.

All a potential investor needs to do is to deposit BTC to the index share through the Midas platform. Behind the scenes, the Midas team handles splitting the portfolio by purchasing other coins, as well as setting up nodes.

For improved flexibility and liquidity, investors are allowed to deposit or withdraw from the Masternode Index at any time in BTC. This means that investors’ funds are not locked and that they have complete control at all times.

In addition to a month rebalancing that is handled by the Midas team through statistical modeling, investors can track their portfolio from anywhere. They can follow their asset growth and go through a detailed analysis of their index portfolio on a Google Sheet.