Leading masternode and PoS platform, Midas, has unveiled its official roadmap for 2020. The team confirmed and unveiled its plan for next year of Twitter, stating that:

We present [to] you our new roadmap that states the development of Midas.Investments, Midas and Fline coins for the 2020 year.

In Q1 2020, there will be a buyback of the Midas coin, the release of an updated version of the Midas lock-in program, and intensification of marketing efforts to promote Midas coin as the best coin for passive income. Later in the year, the team plans to list Midas coin on top exchanges and hopes to enter the top-100 list on CoinMarketCap.

For its investments platform, Midas will be listing PoS coins with significant market caps, registering its company and rebalancing algorithms for portfolio in Q1, 2020. By Q2, the company is expected to launch the first diversified passive income index that produces BTC. Within the same period, Midas will pursue relevant partnerships and offer multiple B2B services for coin owners. Work on its mobile app will happen in Q3, and by Q4, the platform will unveil its all-in-one solution for passive income and minable coins.

For Fline coins, there will be new trading bots for USD and altcoin by Q1, with plans to perform buybacks from the bot profits. There will be a possible blockchain upgrade in Q2. More utilities will be added for Fline holders, as well as the launch of marketing campaigns in Q3. Q4 will usher in the launch of an investment platform for profitable low-risk investment instruments.