One of the traits of good investors is that they keep tabs on their investments. This helps them to make the right investment calls; whether to hold on to an asset, sell off, or simply take a greater position. This trait is particularly pertinent in the cryptocurrency marketplace, considering how volatile it. Additionally, if you are in on the “diversify your portfolio” gospel, then it may become quite cumbersome to monitor your digital assets since there are thousands of cryptocurrencies and masternode projects out there. This is where Masternodes.Online (MNO) comes in.

MNO is a free to use masternode coin monitoring service that allows users to easily and quickly check the stats of their masternode investments. It is important to note that the platform does not recommend or endorse any coin. Thus, it is important for you to perform your due diligence before investing in any project. The platform has launched a new feature called MNOtify, that automatically emails investors the status of their masternode. This was announced in an official tweet, stating:

MNOtify is now LIVE on MNO providing free email notifications for nearly every #masternode we list except $ZEN & $ETHOS. If you have a seed - you're just a few click away from being setup. Setup your account at

MNOtify will send you an email notification, if for any reason your masternode goes offline, or if you receive a stake.