It is expedient to keep an eye on the latest happenings in the masternode space. So, here is this month’s edition of our Buzz Backers article. This article will give you a rundown of the progress our backers have made in the past 30 days.


GoByte turned one year on November 16, 2018. Starting out as a project of Hisyam Nasir and Muhamad Nabil, the crypto project which aims to facilitate payment transactions between merchants, developers, and consumers, has come a long way.

Interestingly, what started with just 5 nodes online in France, Singapore, Malaysia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Amsterdam, now has about 2,161 active masternodes.

On November 17, 2018, the planned annual block reward reduction occurred. Block rewards were reduced by 8.33%.

The team also noted in November that they will be increasing masternode rewards from 50% to 70% over the course of the next two month. An incremental monthly value of 10% has been set.

The launch of governance which will enable members of the community to vote on projects, development, marketing, and the overall direction of GoByte, is set to be revealed in the coming weeks, according to the team.


Gentarium has continued to grow their masternode hosting platform. As at the time of last month’s publication, they were hosting 5,250 masternodes worth 2.6 million dollars (413.33 BTC). Interestingly, these numbers have increased in the last 30 days. Gentarium now hosts 7,620 masternodes worth 3.1 million dollars (an equivalent of 764.45 BTC). This is an increase of about 45%.


The beta test of the mobile application is currently ongoing. The Android version is currently available for testing, which you will need to fill a form to participate in the iOS app test. Click here to participate.


Additionally, Gentarium has made some updates to the masternode dashboard, adding a “settings” button which allows users to get details on the MN configuration file, change TX ID, change the tariff, as well as delete a MN.


One of the big news for Deviant Coin in the last 30 days is the release of the Beta version of the Deviant X Multi-asset wallet. We already gave a sneak peek into the sleek design of the wallet in our last edition, which can be found here.

Deviant has been one of the top performers in the MasternodeMeBro Tournament. The competition featured 64 masternode coins battling head to head in four fight categories: Minimize Cost, Maximize ROI, Minimize Risk, and Optimize Past. Deviant Coin emerged the winner in the “Maximize ROI” category. This places Deviant as the best masternode with above average ROI. Congratulations to them.


Still on recent happenings with Deviant, the coin got listed on crypto exchange BITKER and is available to trade with BTC.


Zixx is a third-generation masternode crypto provides instant, secure, and private transactions. The team is still working steadily behind the scenes to launch their platform. Registration to be part of the Zixx platform is ongoing.

The projects’ Twitter feed comprises primarily of crypto-related articles and news.

The team announced on November 6 that they are now listed on Delta Direct.


Delta Direct is a free-to-use app that allows users to keep track of their cryptocurrency portfolio. The tracker app currently supports top legacy projects like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as over 3000 other altcoins.


The Terracoin team has been working on new integrations and tools over the last 30 days.

One of the new integrations the network will be rolling out soon is its BTCPay feature. BTCPay is a payment processor that will enable TRC to become a payment choice of virtually anyone. There are currently only 11 cryptos with this integration.

They are also working on their masternode tool. It is a stand-alone app that will simplify masternode management, as well as proposal and voting processes. They plan to integrate the feature with hardware wallets, such that users can vote from their hardware devices.

Details of their recent Terracoin Virtual Meetup can be seen in this video:


The biggest news for Apollon in the last 30 days is the announcement of their project RYON. RYON stands for “Run Your Own Nodes” and will allow XAP users to host their own nodes. This project is aimed at improving the scalability of Apollon. It will also promote cheaper and faster transctions.

Apollon recently announced the pricing for their RYON project which is launched on December 31st:


CEO of Apollon gave details of project RYON in his YouTube video:

Apollon reached their goal of adding 100 coins to the Nodebuilder Platform on December 3.


As you can see below, this month DogeCash has been extremely busy getting listed on as many platforms as possible.

  • DogeCash has been listed on Staking.Live.
  • A sneakpeak of their new wallet has been released on Twitter.
  • DogeCash completed its first governance vote: "With a total of 162,995 votes (51.33%) our community have unanimously chosen a Crypto Trading Signals platform to be the first project that will fuel our ecosystem and boost our economy."
  • DogeCash has received the TradeMark "TM" approval for their brand.