It’s that time of the month where we look at what has been happening with our Buzz Backers in the last 30 days. Let’s dive straight in.


The number of active GoByte masternodes is steadily growing over the months. Active masternodes on the network are now 2,207. 19 new masternode operators have joined the network, from 2,188 that was reported last month.

Source: Masternodes.Online

Beyond the increase in the number of masternodes, the GoByte team is working behind the scenes to reach the milestones scheduled for Q1 of 2019. These milestones include releasing GoByte Pay version 2.0, adding altcoins to GoByte Pay 2.0, unveiling the GoByte Masternode Hosting and attracting more merchants to the platform.

GoByte's Roadmap for Q1


In our January update, we made reference to a tweet by Gentarium with regards to testing PoS algorithm. The test was successful and the new chain is up and running. A new wallet was released in line with this and coin swap is ongoing.

The number of hosted masternodes on Gentarium has increased in the last 30 days.

Talking about their masternode hosting platform, Gentarium has experienced remarkable growth in the last 30 days. There are now 9785 hosted masternodes on the platform. What this means is that 1,723 new masternodes have been added to the platform. Congratulations to them.


This third-generation masternode crypto is still working to launch their platform. Their Twitter feed is primarily being used to dispense crypto news and related quotes. This is very much needed, considering the long crypto winter that has been affecting prices.


Talking about exchanges, the team is already considering new exchanges to get added to. They have a list of 3 pay-to-play exchanges they are considering – CryptoBridge, Graviex, and SouthXchange.

Terracoin has also made some progress with regards to getting their SEC opinion letter. The letter will allow them to get listed on bigger exchanges. A quote of $1500 was given to them to get the letter done. So far, $1000 has been raised to this effect.

Apollon Coin

The biggest news for Apollon in the last 30 days is the launch of project RYON. “Run Your Own Nodes - RYON” went live on January 6 and currently supports Digital Ocean and Vultr servers.

RYON reached an important milestone in just 2 weeks after going live. Over 1000 nodes were already using the serving in 2 weeks.

It's now been two weeks since we launched RYON and what a time it's been. We are currently standing at a total of 1,051 nodes - that is great progress in just a fortnight!


3DCoin has made remarkable progress in launching v0.14. According to them, “masternode mining is an eco-friendly solution that increases scalability and security of the 3DCoin blockchain.”

The v0.14 update has however been divided into two soft forks, in other to avoid any splits in the network. The first update will activate masternode mining and get the network ready for a hard fork set to happen at block 425000. The second update will upgrade the blockchain’s structure and transaction validation system.

You can follow more on 3DCoin on their Forum.

Here are highlights of what has been happening in the developmental space of other Buzz Backers.

Dash Green

  • Added to CoinMarketCap
  • Partnered with Midas
  • Released custom eCommerce payment plugin
  • Integrated on DeviantX wallet


  • Updated masternode hosting service fee for some coins
  • 535 hosted masternodes and over 2000 co-owners


  • Listed on Escodex
  • Listed on IHOSTMN, TrttNodes,, Crex24, Bitgur
  • Sold 30 masternodes


  • Launched in January
  • Started trading on
  • Added to MNO platform
  • Launched Blacer blockchain
  • Listed on CryptoBridge
  • Listed on Escodex