As our manner is, we look at how much progress our Buzz Backers have made in the last 30 days. It is worth noting that the holidays may have slowed down the rate of activity in a lot of these (and other) projects. Without further ado, let’s dive straight in.


GoByte has not had a lot of visible activity in the last 30 days since their one-year anniversary on November 16. Furthermore, the number of active masternodes on the network increased to 2,188, from 2,161 in our last report. This means 27 new masternodes were hosted on the network.

Source: Masternodes.Online

In line with their planned action to increase the block rewards going to masternodes, 70% of block rewards will now be going to masternode holders. The remaining 30% will be shared by miners. GoByte had earlier announced increasing masternode rewards from 50% to 70% in November.

Finally, efforts towards releasing their governance model are still ongoing. A quick look at GoByte Ninja revealed that there is a “test” governance proposal on the network that is meant to expire on January 29.

Source: GoByte Ninja


Masternode hosting platform, Gentarium has continued to grow in the last 30 days. The number of hosted masternodes now sit at 8062, and is worth $3.5 million (≈ 875.78 BTC). Last month, the number of hosted masternodes were 7,620. This is an increase of approximately 5.5%.

Source: Gentarium

Talking about growth, Gentarium and GIN are dominating the masternode hosting service space. According to an infographic by a Twitter user, Panama, although GIN dominates the overall market value, Gentarium has more masternodes listed and supports more projects than GIN.

Source: Twitter

Gentarium has also revealed that they have begun testing the implementation of PoS algorithm. They had a tweet to this effect, and have noted that further instructions will be released once the test is successful.

Source: Twitter


Third-generation masternode crypto, Zixx, is still working behind the scenes to launch its platform. Registrations to join the upcoming platform are still ongoing.

Zixx’s Twitter feed is primarily filled with crypto-based news are articles.

Within the last month, Zixx released an updated version (16.5) of their wallet. Users have been asked to comply with the mandatory update, since their wallets will no longer work after a certain time. The deadline for this wallet update was December 22.

One of the exciting features of the new wallet is that it allows users to run multiple masternodes on the same IP, provided they have different ports. This feature will help reduce the cost of running multiple Zixx nodes. However, they have recommended a max limit of 10-20 masternodes per IP.


Terracoin got added to premium masternode hosting service, MyMasternode. MyMasternode is a hosting service that charges $15 per month for masternode hosting and 24/7 monitoring.

Source: MyMasternode

Terracoin is still working to complete their 501c6 filing. They have reached out to several lawyers, however, only two lawyers from Catalyst Law responded (probably due to the holiday). The lawyers have estimated the cost of filing at $8,150.

So far, Terracoin has been able to raise $1,100 for this purpose.

Still on the subject of getting a SEC lawyer, 68,034 TRC has been donated to this effect. A SEC lawyer is needed to get a SEC opinion letter. The opinion letter will allow Terracoin to be listed on more exchanges.


The highlight of Apollon’s performance in the last 30 days revolves around their project RYON – “Run Your Own Nodes”. Apollon added a third VPS provider to the original two to be supported (Vultr and Digital Ocean).

The third VPS provider that will be enabled on RYON is Aruba. Aruba emerged the winner after a Twitter poll involving Aruba, OVH and Hetzner.

Additionally, 10 users have been selected to test the Beta version of RYON, before its main release.


3DCoin is currently the fifth largest masternode coin in the world, according to a ranking by The masternode coin has over 3200 masternodes hosted on its network, in just 8 months after its first exchange listing.

Source: Masternodes.Pro

3DCoin also got listed on European-based crypto exchange p2pb2b on December 14. Plans are ongoing to get listed on other top exchanges like Poloniex, CoinbasePro, Bitmart, Bittrex.

3DCoin’s team is tirelessly working behind the scenes to launch v0.14. They have made remarkable progress in developing the new version. Smart script operation codes and v0.1 API calls for Prime and Pulse nodes are 100% ready. Proof of Sync algorithm and network sync improvements are however at 70% and 30%, respectively.


DogeCash has made some significant progress in the last month.

  • DogeCash got listed on SNODE, a shared masternode hosting platform.
  • Reached 300 masternodes.
  • They completed the UI and UX design of their new wallet.
  • Announced their new platform’s branding, SignalHub.
  • Got listed on STEX Exchange.

Dash Green

We are happy to welcome our newest Buzz Backer Dash Green!


In the last month, Dash Green has:

  • Been listed on trttNodes.
  • Surpassed 250 masternodes!
  • Dash Green has been listed on SNODES.