Once again, it is time to have a preview of what our Buzz Backers have been up to in the last 30 days. Let’s dive straight in.


GoByte has had a lot going in the last 30 days. The masternode coin got listed on a new exchange, sistemkoin, and is available to trade with BTC, ETH, USDT, EURO, USD and TRY pairs. GoByte also got added to Gentarium masternode hosting platform.

The number of active masternodes on the network has also increased in the last month. 19 new masternode operators joined the network, increasing the number of active masternodes to 2,402. Additionally, it is worth noting that GoByte’s network has exceeded the 250,000 blocks mark without any issues.

Number of Active GoByte Masternodes. Source: Masternodes.Online

In a bid to encourage developers to join the network and contribute to the open-source platform, GoByte launched a Developer Bounty Program. Details of this can be found in our previous article.


The masternode hosting platform exceeded several remarkable milestones in the month of February. For a start, as at Feb 5, Gentarium had exceeded the 10,000-mark with regards to the number of masternodes hosted on its platform. By February 25, this figure had increased to 11,111.

As at press time, Gentarium 11,130 masternodes were being hosted on the platform, with a total price of $5.6 million.

Hosted Masternodes on Gentarium


The ZIXX team is still working on the release of their new platform. However, as usual, the third-generation blockchain has been consistently keeping their Twitter feed active with crypto-related news and encouraging quotes.


Terracoin has been able to raise the $1500 needed for their SEC Opinion letter. Once the letter is written and approved, Terracoin can now be listed on larger exchanges. Catalyst Law has become the project’s lawyer and will be handling the letter.


Works are still ongoing with testing the Pi versions of the Terracoin code.

Apollon Coin

It has been a rough 30 days for Apollon. The CEO of Apollon announced that the project will be shutting down due to lack of funds. The extended bear market took its toll on the masternode coin, particularly its project RYON, forcing them to shut down.

There is however a ray of hope as other team members have hinted that they will continue working on way to make XAP profitable. At the moment Apollon is undergoing a reboot. We wish them the best.


The most exciting update coming from 3DCoin in the last 30 days, is arguably the completion of its highly anticipated masternode mining and proof of sync development. In line with releasing this update, a fully-fledged public test net will be implemented. It is worth stating that the testnet is already up and running and hosts about 15 masternodes.

3DCoin updates can be followed on their forum 3dctalk.net.

New Capital

In the last 30 days one of the core projects New Capital is supporting, TWINS, has recorded some significant growth. TWINS exceeded 200 masternodes and got added as a payment option on NodeHub.io. Furthermore they have burned 150M unneeded Twins to ensure the network remains fully decentralised.

The crypto was also listed on a top-20 exchange, p2pb2b. New Capital released their New Capital Report #1, where they talk about striving for trust through transparency.

Dash Green

·         Got listed on STEX

·         Exceeded 500 masternodes

·         Released green paper


·         Reduced service fee for Deviant Coin from 30% to 20%

·         Increased service fee for Bitcoin Green from 10% to 20%

Private Datagram $PDG

·         Implemented SwiftX for files

·         Fixed fake stake vulnerability loophole

·         New UI design

Blacer Coin

·         Added to Gentarium platform

·         Listed on MNCN

·         Began developing Blacer e-sport team and online shop

·         Listed on Delta

·         Completed KYD verification for developers

·         Listed on CoinStats, Blockfolio and Coindar

·         Opened e-sport team website

Zolex Coin

·         Launched Zolex Exchange

·         Added to Gentarium platform

·         Listed on DMME