It is important to stay in touch with the latest masternode news as an investor. So, this months Buzz Backers article will give you an overview on what's been happening with our backers in the last 30 days.

Because of our growing number of Buzz Backers, we have been able to remove all advertisements from our website and make it more accessible. We are very pleased to have listed Apollon, DogeCash and ColossusXT as backers this month!


On October 8th, the GoByte team announced that their GoByte Pay Mobile app has been made available on the Apple iOS App Store and GooGle Play App Store. With a freshly designed interface, the mobile app gives you everything you need to keep track of your balances and spend GoByte on the go.

The team announced that they will be working on several additional features to this application. Some features include multi-currency support and an easy-to-implement shopping cart.


Furthermore, GoByte was also shown in iVendPay's vending machine payment demonstration video on YouTube. Where we can see how easy it will be to order your coffee with GBX.

IvendPay vending machine crypto payment demonstration


Gentarium has continued the growth of their masternode hosting platform. Currently they are hosting 5,250 masternodes with a total value of 2.6 million dollars or 413.33 BTC. The total number of masternodes has been increased by 32% from when we published our last backers article last month.

Gentarium has launched the beta version of their mobile app, which will make it easy to keep track of your hosted masternodes on the go. They have also introduced different hosting tariffs, where you can choose to host your masternode for a daily, monthly or quarterly period. Pricing for these periods is 15 cents per day, $3.99 per month and $3.49 per month if you pay for a quarter.


On October 11, Gentarium announced that they have become a registered company in the European Union. You can read more on this topic in our article. Also several big steps have been made to their instant shared nodes. These are shared masternodes where you can start earning rewards instantly, without waiting for the full collateral to be collected.

Lastly, Gentarium announced they will reduce their miner rewards from 10 to 2 coins per block and make the masternode collateral dynamic. This will make it easier for the team to change rewards and keep the price more stable. You can read more about this change in our article.

Deviant Coin

Deviant Coin's big news of this month was definitely the release announcement of their multi-asset wallet. $DEV holders will receive bounty rewards when new coins that will be added to the platform. You can expect the beta release of the wallet by November 6. They have released a couple of screenshots as a sneak-preview:


If you are stoked about Deviant Coin, be sure to visit their merchandise store at Crypto and Proud. The store sells items featuring Deviant's beloved logo on coffee mugs, apparel and phone cases.


Furthermore, Deviant Coin is currently battling in the last phase of the #MasternodeMeBro18 competition which will conclude today. If you haven't voted, be sure to visit the voting page.


Zixx is a third-generation masternode cryptocurrency which offers secure, instant and private transaction. Their Twitter feed comprises mostly of interesting background crypto articles. Currently, the team is working on the release of their platform. The pre-registration for the beta has been concluded last week.

Their platform will consist of a multi-coin, cross-platform shared masternode system which will implement bots to allow users to buy seats in their favorite coins.

The platform will also provide multi-coin, cross-platform tipping and betting and several other features. There will be a masternode ranking system, news hub and different utility programs to monitor and help keep your masternodes running.


It was a celebratory month for Terracoin, as it celebrated its 6-year blockchain anniversary on October 26th. They are currently the 6th oldest active blockchain in existence. A short story on their history was included in their weekly Medium article.

Terracoin has put 20,000 TRC towards their lawyer fund, which will help them to become an official non-profit. The funds are stored in a multi-signature wallet so that at least 3 out of 5 team members have to agree on spending. More about this in their weekly YouTube update video:

Terracoin also introduced a new team member 'Salvarth'. He is their first European team member and is helping with spam control, videos and support for folks in the European timezone.


Apollon has been very busy to reach their goal of supporting 100 masternode coins on their NodeBuilder hosting platform. With the total being over 70 currently, they are well on their way.

Apollon CEO talks about their current objectives in Apollon's latest YouTube update. Other than constantly increasing their supported masternodes, they have been working on raising capital to extend their operations. Furthermore the team is working on increasing their monthly recurring revenues

Apollon also announced a collaboration deal with NodeVault. Together with the NodeVault integration, it will be very easy for investors to track their hosted masternodes. A sort demo of this integration was given on YouTube:

Apollon NodeVault integration demo


As you can see below, this month DogeCash has been extremely busy getting listed on as many platforms as possible.

DogeCash has been listed on:

  • CoinCodex
  • The NodeHub masternode hosting platform
  • World Coin Index
  • CoinPaprika
  • CoinLib
  • CoinGecko
  • The Apollon NodeBuilder hosting platform
  • The GIN masternode hosting platform
  • Blockfolio
  • Delta
  • Gentarium masternode hosting platform


  • DogeCash has been integrated into the Beam Platform.
  • DogeCash bimonthly review on Medium.
  • DogeCash "The 5 'Ws'" on Medium.
  • DogeCash has been KYD Verified by Know Your Developer (KYDcoin).
  • DogeCash governance platform sneak-preview:




ColossusXT is a private, instant masternode project working on 'Colossus Grid': a decentralized, distributed grid computing framework and a general-purpose decentralized marketplace.

  • "Upcoming Wallet Features" on Medium.
  • "How To Accept COLX As A Merchant" on Medium.
  • "ColossusXT a year in review" on Medium.
  • Trading of $COLX is live on CryptalDash. Trading pairs include BTC/ETH/USDT/DASH and CRD.
  • November 1st update on Twitter.
  • COLX been listed on DeltaDirect.
  • If you are interested in participating in the COLX Community Social Team, apply here.
  • October 9 update on Twitter.
  • Q3 AMA on Reddit.
  • COLX is mentioned in the Coingecko quarterly masternode report on pages 35 & 37.



The go-to forum for Masternode enthusaists.

  • First BetweenBlocks newsletter.
  • It is not our pleasure, but it is our duty to open a new category on our forum: Frauds and scams. This category aims to be the place where the #masternode space can meet to warn about potential risks and discuss the way forward.
  • Trittium has created their Ann on BetweenBlocks.

MNO Platform features Monitoring and the most accurate ROI stat comparisons.

  • $DASH dominance has slipped below 50% for the first time on MNO. That means that less than 50% of the #masternode sector's marketcap is composed of Dash.
  • Masternodes.Online has collaborated to bring introduce the masternode sector to CoinGecko's highly-anticipated Q3 report. It's the most comprehensive, free report in all of Crypto. See it here.
  • MNO has improved their monitoring & notifications features. Notifications are integrated within the monitoring page, where you can customize by clicking the red "MNOtify settings" button. You can also now see your stake values in your native currency.
  • Web archive screenshot of MNO one year ago.
  • has added a customizable Favorites tab.