It is a good thing to always keep an eye on what has been going on in the cryptocurrency space as an investor. So, below is a rundown on what’s been happening with our masternode backers in the last 30 days. We are very glad that after starting out with GoByte, Gentarium and DeviantCoin, we had two additional listings from Zixx and Terracoin.


GoByte which is working on simplifying the process of crypto payments between merchants and their customers has released an online service for merchants in the last one month. The Malaysian open source project released a free-of-charge service that will allow merchants to receive payments in multiple cryptocurrencies.

The service which has been named “GoByte Pay” can be used as a gateway for both receiving and sending crypto payments. Additionally, it can be used to send invoices to businesses and individuals alike. The network will charge a small commission per transaction, while integration on commercial sites is absolutely free.


Some exciting features of GoByte Pay are that it has a sleek and easy-to-use design, it has an address book so that merchants can easily send invoices, it also allows for seamless synchronization with Android, iOS, and desktop apps. Finally, there is a feature for monitoring your masternode investments.


There has been a lot of activities going on with this crypto project in the last 30 days; from giveaways to getting listed on several crypto exchanges, adding multiple masternode projects to the platform, and being the first cryptocurrency project in the world to release an automated shared masternode feature.

As at press time, Gentrium’s platform hosts almost 4,000 masternodes (3977 to be precise). What this means is that investors can easily set up their favorite masternode and start earning without having to border about hardware or the technical know-how.


Of particular interest is their “instant shared masternode” feature. Which allows a user to deploy a fraction of a masternode and start earning, instead of waiting for the collateral to be complete.

The blockchain project is currently listed on CryptoBridge, Coinexchange, and Cryptopia.

Deviant Coin

Deviant started the month by releasing their web wallet. A few days later, they released their whitepaper, as well as their hybrid decentralized exchange (DEX). They also got added to Satoshi Solutions as a masternode option on the same day (Sept 3).


Deviant Coin appears to be a crowd favorite because they have steadily ranked high in online polls. Interestingly, they were the first masternode project to get added to the MONKEY project. In general, there has been a lot of listings and partnership for Deviant in the last 30 days.

This Monthly Buzz will not be complete without mentioning that Deviant Coin has steadily knocked out other masternode projects in the MasternodeMeBro Tournament. The crypto has successfully scaled to the Championship round.


Zixx is a 3rd gen masternode crypto that promises high rewards of up to 80%, charity projects, low maximum coin supply, as well as low coin emission. The most recent and major buzz around the Zixx project has been on their upcoming platform. They noted in a recent tweet on 20 September:

Do you want to be first to access the upcoming Zixx Platform? Hurry, less than 20 spaces remain! REGISTER NOW.

Beyond this, the team primarily shares positive and interesting crypto news on their social media platforms. They have a full dev team, and it is expected that some amazing things are cooking behind the scenes.


Terracoin is without a doubt one of the oldest players in the cryptocurrency and masternode space. According to a Twitter user, @chainshuttle, “Terracoin @TerracoinTRC $TRC is the most promising coin of today on, based on social media activity, price, volume and a bit of magic.” He said this on September 23. This goes to show that there must be some things the blockchain project is doing right.

Considering how large Terracoin’s community has grown and is still growing, the team has put out the word that they will be needing a Charity Coordinator. Well, it’s time to give back.

With regards to competitions, although Terracoin was not able to emerge winners in the tournament event, MasternodeMeBro18, they still made it to event 3.

Buzz Backers News

  • BetweenBlocks has been listed on the Beam platform.
  • BetweenBlocks is proud to have grown into being the 3rd biggest #masternode site after @mn_o and @Dashpay's websites. Meanwhile, we have also broken into the top 100k sites in the USA!
  • BetweenBlocks Post "Snapshot of my Masternode investing strategy. Please share yours..." [Link].
  • BetweenBlocks Post "Communty's Thoughts on: Premine/Distribution" [Link].
  • MNO introduced their MNOtify functionality, which provides e-mail alerts when users receive stakes or have Masternode issues.
  • MNO reached a new record of 241,817 masternodes online on their masternode tracking service and a total of 482 listed masternodes.
  • MNO listed 39 new masternodes in September.