For this edition of our Monthly Buzz Backer, we’ll be considering the level of the progress our Premium Backer, ZCore has made in the last 30 days.

ZCore was born out of a desire to create a cryptocurrency that is truly accessible to everyone and revolutionize the cryptocurrency market. For this, we created an innovative Blockchain Services Platform, offering several applications for ZCore Cryptocurrency within ZCore Central.

The most important highlight for ZCore this month is the completion of its coin swap at block 490,000 ahead of the 2.0 update. At this point in time, all transactions on the old chain are invalid and old coins and pre-mines of the new ZCore will be burned.

Talking about the upgrade to version 2.0, it appears that ZCore is a step closer, following the successful coin swap. Users should be getting ready for the introduction of the ZCore Foundation and other exciting new features embedded in 2.0.

ZCore’s masternode hosting service is still the largest in the world. Interestingly, more masternode operators have joined the platform in the last 30 days. As at press time, there were 20,253 hosted masternodes; an increase by over 1000 from the previous month. The hosting service has also added one more masternode to its list of supported coins, bringing the total number of supported masternode coins to 116.