This is an update on the level of the progress our Premium Backer, 3DCoin has made in the last 30 days.

3DCoin is an innovative blockchain-based cryptocurrency operated on a peer to peer network, featuring universally instantaneous transactions, an eco-friendly mining system, and advanced scripting that allows automated business management.

The 3DCoin team has made significant progress in the development of its mobile app and a desktop light wallet. The mobile app is available for testing and users will be able to send and receive 3DC tokens from their mobile devices.

Whilst waiting for the next hard fork at block 800,000, 3DCoin released an important wallet update v0.14.5.1. All users have been mandated to update their wallets before the hard fork. So far, the new wallet update is running without any issues.

With regards to listings, 3DCoin is now listed on Crex24, and Cryptobridge. Data on shows that there are over 4,500 active 3DCoin Masternodes. Finally, 3DCoin has retained its slot as a Premium Buzz backer of Masternode Buzz, a fan-favorite dedicated masternode news site.

In order to expand its social media reach and communication channels, 3DCoin created more national Telegrams groups – Turkish, Bangladeshi, and German, as well as a Discord group.

Talking about social media and communication, 3DCoin has opted to spice things up by introducing two fictitious characters on Reddit – “Cryptyy” and “Virtyy”. While one is intrigued by cryptocurrencies as collateral, the other focuses on virtual reality.