For this edition of our Monthly Buzz Backer, we’ll be considering the level of the progress our Premium Backer, Altbet has made in the last 30 days.

Powered by its native cryptocurrency ABET, is a revolutionary online mutual betting platform that combines online casino and sports betting with an independent blockchain technology. The project focuses on constant development and the implementation of unique ideas to attract investors.

Lately, the Altbet team has been working on a lot of improvements for its platform. The most recent improvements include the introduction of an Instant Exchange Gateway and a “transaction history” feature.

The ABET/BTC Instant exchange gateway will allow users to swap their ABET tokens for BTC and vice versa. Whilst the gateway has the ability to support all bitcoin-based coins, the team has decided to focus on major digital assets for now; revealing that assets like Litecoin and Doge will soon be supported.

Funds generated from the exchange gateway will be channeled towards promoting ABET on major exchanges. Priority will be given to activities like giveaways, events, jackpots, marketing, and listings.

Furthermore, Altbet has revealed that its masternode operators will enjoy a plethora of benefits following a new feature which is near completion. Consequently, registered masternode operators will be able to earn 50% of the platform's profits. This is in addition to the possibility of winning a portion of the fixed periodic block award.

By limiting the total number of registered masternodes to 1500, Altbet has created a sort of prestigious status for its masternode ecosystem; fairly compensating its masternode operators.

The Lottery game which is quite popular on the Altbet platform has received a facelift. In general, Altbet believes that its decision to improve its platform and increase incentives will drive more users to its ecosystem.