This is an update on the level of the progress our Premium Backer, CryptoDezire has made in the last 30 days.

CryptoDezireCash is the first step to launch a decentralized ecosystem for digital services. $CDZC is a fast, efficient method of payment between any two peers, anywhere and at any time. It will also serve as the backbone to our robust platform and services. $CDZC will be the required method of payment for any services on the CryptoDezire platform, which supports all of your needs from domain hosting to shared masternodes, to hosted masternodes on their private VPS and much more.

Despite the long crypto winter which has forced several cryptocurrency projects out of the industry, CryptoDezireCash has managed to keep its head above the storm. The CryptoDezireCash team has been doing a great job in keeping its community active on social media, whilst development is ongoing at the background. Community members are regularly rewarded on Twitter for spreading word about the project. Rewards often range from 10 CDZC to 50 CDZC.

It is also worth stating that CryptoDezire has expanded its social media presence to Facebook. You can follow them on Facebook or like their page here.