This is an update on the level of the progress our Premium backer, Gentarium has made in the last 30 days.

Gentarium is a platform for crypto-enthusiasts which provides the opportunity of an automatic masternodes deployment, shared mn, and the ability to manage ASIC and GPU rigs.

For a start, the Gentarium masternode hosting platform received a facelift. The platform is sleeker and allows for easy navigation. Users can search for masternodes using a grade filter – Grades A, B, E and F. While Grade A represents masternodes with working products, Grade B features upcoming masternode projects without working products. Grade E are projects that are temporarily offline or under maintenance. Coins whose developers have abandoned the project are in Grade F.

Still talking about the hosting platform, the platform now supports Spanish and German languages. Additionally, the number of hosted masternodes has dropped to 10,055, down by 1,115 from the previous month.

Gentarium has also introduced new shared MN tariffs. The first option is a fixed payment in GTM in addition to a small fee for using the shared MN service. The second tariff option is a percentage (and not less than 2%) from the rewards of the hosted coin for 100% share per month.

Talking about listings, Gentarium got listed on GreenDex Exchange and is available to trade with BTC, ETH and DASHG.

Gentarium also concluded their May airdrop, rewarding solo and shared masternodes on the platform with a total of 8453 coins ($2958). Each masternode received $1.67.