This is a monthly update on the progress our Premium Backer, New Capital has made since the last update.

New Capital enables ideas to fly high above the conventional world of thinking. Our mission is to ensure that great ideas have the best chance to succeed. New Capital formulates and employs digital assets to capitalize on the companies that we partner with, and these tokens play a critical role in enabling secure, flexible and effective crowdfunding opportunities.

New Capital currently has three core projects under its belt – The Fix Network, win win, and Wallet app.

FIX Network launched officially on June 6 in Tel-Aviv. The launching witnessed over 100 professionals from a several industries, including blockchain, financial services, cybersecurity and telecommunications. FIX Network will be working hard to secure digital assets and identities on mobile devices.

Talking about the FIX Network, the New FIX Wallet has been released and supports HD wallets. An updated version of the TWINS wallet was released at the same time which also supports HD wallets.

The team also revealed intentions to utilize NEM Catapult in innovative ways.

Catapult is a full-featured blockchain engine that can power both private and public networks with its unique smart contract plugins. These plugins enable bulletproof digital asset creation, decentralized swaps, advanced account systems and business logic modeling. Besides making big improvements to speed and scalability, Catapult introduces Aggregated Transactions and Multi-Level Multi-Signature Accounts.

New Capital’s Community Exchange is fully up and functional and has been integrated into Other integrations include a listing on Nomics, Blockfolio and Trittium Nodes.

FIX Coin is scheduled to be listed on the Community Exchange by Friday, August 9.