This is a monthly update on the progress our Premium Backer, New Capital has made in the last 30 days.

New Capital enables ideas to fly high above the conventional world of thinking. Our mission is to ensure that great ideas have the best chance to succeed. New Capital formulates and employs digital assets to capitalize on the companies that we partner with, and these tokens play a critical role in enabling secure, flexible and effective crowdfunding opportunities.

TWINS had to enforce a mandatory wallet update to version to stop double spend attacks on the network. Malicious users were forking off to different chains indiscriminately. To solve the problem, the team rolled out a mandatory update which bans users on older wallet versions, introduced a protocol upgrade, auto-resync enforcement in the event of a split, and checkpoints to ensure the wallet was on mainnet.

The attack on the TWINS network resulted in multiple network splits. We are now working hard to fix the issue with an updated wallet version that will include additional improvements to fight the issue more effectively next time. This version will also introduce more features, like additional MN tiers and Testnet. Until the wallets are released, please do not make any transactions, as these could be reverted after the update.

The explorer has received a facelift and is looking sleeker.

On the subject of partnerships, the relationship between TWINS and Bitsane exchange has been further strengthened. Bitsane has added more TWINS trading pairs on its platform. The new pairs include TWINS/EUR, TWINS/USDT, TWINS/ETH, TWINS/DASH, TWINS/LTC and TWINS/XRP. The exchange has also promised to list TWINS as the first shared masternode project on its platform with a reinvest feature and fixed fee of 1%.

There’s also a new addition to the TWINS team. The project welcomed Paul Rieger, an advisor to the NEM Foundation.