This is a monthly update on the progress our Premium Backer, New Capital has made in the last 30 days.

New Capital enables ideas to fly high above the conventional world of thinking. Our mission is to ensure that great ideas have the best chance to succeed. New Capital formulates and employs digital assets to capitalize on the companies that we partner with, and these tokens play a critical role in enabling secure, flexible and effective crowdfunding opportunities.

TWINS, a decentralized cross-chain exchange platform funded by New Capital, now have their shared masternode integrated on Bitsane. TWINS has become the first shared masternode to be directly integrated on Bitsane exchange and has a reinvest feature. The crypto is available to trade on with BTC, ETH, USDT, EUR, DASH, LTC and XRP.

Congratulations to the network on reaching and exceeding the 1000-masternode target. As at press time, the network had 1012 hosted masternodes.

TWINS has also released an updated version of their wallet. The new wallet features a protocol upgrade, markers to ensure the wallet is on mainnet and auto-resync enforcement. All masternode holders have been asked to re-start their nodes after the upgrade.

To wrap up this monthly update, we’d like to announce that the project (TWINS) has moved to Stage 2 of their development, which involves growing the network.

The main goals for stage 2 of this project are network growth and further decentralization, community growth, engagement and active participation, project visibility, communications and PR, TWINS coin acceptance and usability, development of strategic partnerships.