For this edition of our Monthly Buzz Backer, we’ll be considering the level of the progress our Premium Backer, Transcendence has made in the last 30 days.

Transcendence combines an opensource, decentralized blockchain with existing services as like AmiCloud and the indieGO-Appstore. All of them accept the Transcendence Network Token called Telos. The long-term plan is to move the cloud storage and cloud computing aspects of the closed source software to the opensource blockchain.

Transcendence unveiled Piggybank 2.0. The new upgrade comes loaded with Telos and Bitcoin Subsidium wallets. The OrangePI device also features a new operating system and provides a secure way to stake crypto from a single device.

Piggy is an OrangePI device with a special operating system called “PiggyBank-OS” and a Teloscoin wallet functioning by being always online and connected to the network. The low energy consumption allows this kind of bank to be powered by a solar panel or only a light source of energy.

Telos has made the upgrade to Telos 2.0, a tiered node model. Telos 2.0 was activated at block 524500 and introduced a 5-tier masternode structure ranging from 1k to 100k TELOS in collateral. Following the transition, the reward per block was dropped to 100 TELOS from a previous 200 TELOS.

TELOS 2.0 is a new evolved blockchain that aims to enable more efficient operation in the entire ecosystem while increasing transaction time and offering more uses cases for everyday use.

With regards to partnerships, Transcendence has partnered with Crypto Masters. Both parties will be tapping from each other’s network.

Other aspects of the Transcendence blockchain are moving on fine, particularly the IndieGo marketplace and the development of CryptoMages.