April has been a fair month for masternodes. As expected, there’s a mixture of gains and losses. Our Masternode Stats page reveals that only 20 masternodes out of the 58 listed projects have recorded gains in the last 30 days (Apr 1 to May 1). The overall gain spread is between 112% and 0.77% in the last 30 days, whilst loses range from -0.2% to -100%.

Peng Coin is the best performing masternode in the last 30 days, having gained approximately 112%. Golden Fever and SLATE are the first and second runner ups, with a monthly gain of 106.25% and 89.59%, respectively.

Other top performing masternodes on the 30-day list include Social Send, Internet Cafe Coin, Lindacoin, ION, ImageCoin, SafeInsure and Bettex coin.

To wrap up this monthly overview, it is worth stating that the following masternode made it to our top-10 list at some point in the last 30 days: Golden Fever, SLATE, Internet Cafe Coin, Lindacoin, SafeInsure, ImageCoin and Bettex coin.