The month of February was a very good month for masternodes. 47 out of the 67 listed masternodes on our Masternode Stats page are sitting on greens. Interestingly, we have a masternode coin boasting of a four-digit gain, 9 triple-digit gains, and multiple double and single-digit gains on our list.

Note: We have reduced our minimum market cap from $1 million to $500,000 due to the prolonged bear market.

LRMcoin is the best performing masternode for the month of February. It has a monthly gain of 3,532%. The first and second runner ups are CryptoInvest Coin and $TWINS. They both have a monthly gain of 834% and 595%, respectively.

The top masternodes for the month of February include LRMcoin, CryptoInvest Coin, $TWINS, 1X2 Coin, Paycore, PACcoin, PAWS Coin, Beetle Coin, TransferCoin, and Blacer Coin.

Blacer Coin, Beetle Coin, PAWS Coin, PACcoin, and CryptoInvest Coin have all appeared on our weekly top 10 masternodes for February. Blacer has the highest frequency on the list, appearing 3 out of 4 times on the weekly list. The masternode featured on our weekly top-10 masternodes list in weeks 6,7, and 9.