Crowdfunding sites have become quite popular. People from all around the world can easily raise funds for projects or events on sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, RocketHub, GoFundMe, and many others. However, the cryptocurrency space is yet to see a number of these projects. The closest to these sites, in my opinion, are lending sites. All this is set to change with the release of MUE’s StartMy.

StartMy is *“a crowdfunding platform powered entirely by cryptocurrencies.” In a Twitter post, confirmed that:

Team $MUE bring the world’s first multi crypto crowdfunding site Open BETA, http://www.StartMy.IO Now accepting $MUE $BTC $DASH $PIVX $ETH $PINK $WAVES $STEEM $BCH

About MUE

MUE otherwise known as the Monetary Unit is a decentralized and self-government cryptocurrency platform that was launched in July 2014. Its aim is to “create a digital asset that breaks away from the mold that cryptocurrency is only for tech-savvy people.”

MUE runs a unique business model which gives its community the rights to vote and manage what happens within the network. It runs a masternode mode and nodes within the network help in the management of pools of funds that will ultimately be used to spearhead further development of the project. 10% of every newly created MUE coin is reinvested back into the network. This creates a self-sustaining system.