You might have heard about MYCE after using their Telegram bots. For example, recently they've worked with Deviant Coin to support their coin swap over Telegram. Hosting of masternodes is also available within their bot platform.

With the steady growth of decentralized exchanges, one of the problems to solve is customer support. MYCE is trying to solve this by building a decentralized customer support system. In an Uber-like system, the platform will match people who give customer support to the ones who need it. A rating system will be in place to help find the best support for your problem.


The first announcement about their partnership was already released in May, and in a recent Tweet from CryptoBridge it was confirmed that both sides are working together to deliver the customer support network.

We are excited to be working with @myceworld on a new bot for CB community. We think it’s really great and can’t wait for users to enjoy the benefits.