NDS which is one of the subsidiaries of Korean food giant, Nongshim, has partnered with blockchain startup, Ambrosus to harness the power of blockchain. The partnership aims to adopt blockchain tech to offer end-to-end traceability of premium quality beef sold by Mega Mart.

The CEO of NDS, Joong-Won Kim on speaking about the partnership was full of excitement. He said that,

With the Ambrosus Network, NDS will be able to demonstrate the quality and origin of a variety of premium beef products in order to build consumer trust with much-needed transparency. For the first time, blockchain technology can be leveraged to practically improve Korean food standards, especially for all customers of Mega Mart.

NDS went on to say that they have been performing some research on this nascent tech and have been looking at Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum. The Nongshim Group is particularly interested in blockchain tech as regards to food safety.

Ambrosus will be using blockchain to track all the beef in retail outlet, Mega Mart. Data from every piece of meat will be uploaded into a customer-oriented app. The aim of this is to build trust and increase customer satisfaction. All a customer needs to do is to scan the QR code associated with a product pack, and details such as the origin of the cow, transportation conditions, and health checks, amongst others will be made available.