Neutron Coin which is a decentralized cryptocurrency for “staking” has recently launched their educational platform. Announcing the launch via a tweet, they said:

Our Educational Platform is now open and we're paying 1,000 NTRN/each of the first 10 original courses approved and published on Send all the content you want just be creative and participate as you can earn up to 10,000 NTRN #ntrn2018 #NeutronEducation

The educational platform is targeted at individuals who are new to cryptocurrency. In a nutshell, the platform will offer crypto-related courses, award degrees, and provide a pension fund for teachers. The goal to become “the first crypto university in the world”. Some of the core features of the educational platform include:

  • Support for both students and teachers. Teachers are experienced in the crypto industry, willing to teach, and will get compensated for their efforts.
  • One-on-one class options.
  • Teachers’ pension and retirement fund, paid out in Neutron Coin.
  • Considering the decentralized nature of blockchain, the platform supports a global audience.
  • Biggest cryptocurrency library in the world with intentions to collate content from YouTube, eBooks, online courses, and articles.

About Neutron Coin
The primary goal of Neutron Coin is to reward investors for staking. It runs on a PoS algorithm, and the company claims that their crypto has been designed to be safe and stable, continuously rewarding investors for holding their coins. It also promises the “biggest ROI” for long-term holders; between 30-80% per annum.

To join the coin’s masternode network, you will need to have 25,000 Neutrons.