Congratulations to our Premium Backer, New Capital on the launch of its Community Exchange.

The Community Exchange has been created as a solution to the reoccurring concerns of crypto users on the safety of their coins in the event of a security breach or shut down of an exchange. The community-driven exchange will provide a safe, secure and reliable option for users to store and trade in cryptos.

The New Capital Community Exchange is designed to be fully automated and autonomous, and customer support will be provided by the community itself.

One of the most important highlights of the exchange is that it is free to use – zero charges. Although New Capital has not stated how the exchange will be maintained, it may be right to assume that members of the New Capital community will figure that out.

Whilst one of the long-term goals of New Capital is to build a truly decentralized exchange, the somewhat centralized but community-driven exchange is a good starting point.

The project’s Chief Visionary, Edwin Terek noted that:

The free-of-charge services to be provided by the Community Exchange is a giant step forward in growing and rewarding our community, who have shown such enthusiasm and commitment in supporting our projects. Our success directly depends on the global community, and this is a way to both thank the participants and to demonstrate our commitment by providing relevant safe and free services.