New Capital has announced that its Community Exchange will expand its services to accommodate masternode hosting providers. This is in line with the project’s vision to create a truly decentralized exchange. The move will help the exchange thrive in a highly competitive industry by providing “significant advantages to the users and industry participants.”

[The Community Exchange will] provide a user-friendly and seamless service that allows users to send crypto directly from the Community Exchange to staking pools and shared or cold masternode hosting providers.

One of the benefits of such a setup is that users will have a plethora of service providers to choose from without having to bother about the configuration or management of masternodes from the Community Exchange.

It is worth noting that New Capital will be integrating its FIX ID authentication protocol to secure the network and the identity of its users.

Trittium, Crypos and have been named as the first three participants to be featured on the service. Their extensive and active userbase will help New Capital’s dev team define the required API calls and processes.

The new service will be beneficial to both end users and masternode hosting service providers. Whilst the former will benefit from a simplified masternode setup and management system, the latter will tap from FIX ID solution to improve security and user experience, not leaving out a new customer acquisition channel from the Community Exchange.