Become a Sushi Sensei: Applications Open for High Kitchen Council

Trailing the launch of Sushi Labs, Sushi DAO has begun accepting applications for its Treasury Multi-Sig Council. However, the call for applications has been marred by low turnout, suggesting a growing disinterest in the DAO.

The application request was announced on the DAO’s forum on June 26. But ten days later, only two candidates have shown an interest in becoming members of the Sushi High Kitchen even though the post has been viewed by over 250 persons.

The High Kitchen will be tasked with implementing treasury-enacted proposals and other recommendations from the DAO/councils. The 6–8-member group will “maintain the integrity and security of treasury funds sourced from 10% of SUSHI emissions.”

Sushi DAO has been embroiled in a messy community dispute since April. Critics have accused the core team of orchestrating a hostile takeover under the guise of Sushi Labs, “an autonomous administrative, technical, and operational entity tasked with managing the Sushi ecosystem.”

The major concern has been the transfer of SushiSwap’s multimillion-dollar treasury from the DAO to the new entity. The core team, in their defence, claims that the move will “enhance operational efficiency and accelerate protocol development.”

In addition to the High Kitchen, the DAO still has three other council spots to fill – Treasury Council, Grants Council, and Ambassador Council. The process of electing new members to fill the spots is already off to a plodding start, and with no specified timeline on the horizon, it may linger for months.

Is this the end of Sushi DAO as we know it?