Decenomy Implements Gitbook’s AI Capabilities to Optimize Search Queries

Decenomy has incorporated an AI-powered search engine into its platform using GitBook Lens. This new integration taps into GitBook’s semantic tools and machine learning algorithms to index site content and automatically generate answers to user queries.

For example, when a user inputs the query “tell me about the Decenomy ecosystem” the AI search returns a concise summary compiled from analyzing multiple sources:

“The DECENOMY ecosystem is a project network that facilitates cross-chain interoperability and governance among various DECENOMY projects. It is built on a distinctive open-source cryptocurrency platform called DSW (Decenomy Standard Wallet), which serves as the core blockchain development for the entire infrastructure.”

GitBook offers popular document creation and sharing tools for teams. Recently, they introduced GitBook AI that uses natural language processing to summarize long documents and extract key information.

By plugging into GitBook’s AI capabilities, Decenomy can now parse through instructional and reference material on its platform to automatically create condensed summaries. This gives users a shortcut to grasp core concepts quickly without reading extensive manuals. The cliff notes-style AI summaries make retaining information much easier.

Incorporating GitBook’s state-of-the-art AI unlocks powerful knowledge extraction for Decenomy’s community. Users can now get the essence of educational resources through AI-generated summaries. As Decenomy continues pioneering decentralized knowledge exchange, integrations like GitBook’s AI will provide next-generation capabilities for users.