The NIX community, which follows the growth of the NIX platform, a next gen privacy currency and layered interoperability platform focused on dApps and smart contracts, were pleased with the slated release of NIX Core 3.0, with a plethora of thrilling features.

They have been excited ever since NIX announced on Twitter,

We are proud to announce a revolutionary update - #NIX 3.0 is now released! Major notable additions are: Sigma activation, Off-Chain Governance main-net activation, and more.


Off Chain governance is a feature that was made available immediately for mainnet use. This is a part of the first ever governance solution pertaining to blockchain, which allows the community to create proposals on network enhancements, which can then be called for vote by the node owners and stakers on the network.

This is done entirely off chain, without any bloating of the NIX blockchain, and all proposals will be displayed on both the Proposals Page, and Governance Tab. This is considered a big win for decentralization.

Sigma is another key feature, and Sigma activation makes NIX the “PoS privacy coin to adopt Sigma into its own Ghost Protocol.” The idea is that while privacy is important, decentralization is even more so.

Bringing a major change to NIX’s privacy layer that is in place, Sigma is a replacement to zerocoin, NIX’s original on chain zero knowledge locational privacy protocol. Ensuring the advanced privacy and scalability of NIX, Sigma was set to activate at 232,000 blocks. Old funds can be redeemed once the update is activated on the network.

This update is all set to change NIX for the better, and users sure seem excited to adopt this update, and check out all the new features.