NIX, a privacy-centric cryptocurrency and multi-layered interoperability platform, has moved the testing of its Off-Chain Governance system into beta phase. Members of the NIX ecosystem can now test the governance structure which allows them to vote on the proposals they want to receive funding, as well as on decisions regarding the network. All node operators and staking participants can vote.

Users are expected to update their wallets to version in order to participate in the beta testing. Votes are cast directly from the NIX QT wallet since they need to be signed as a security measure.

The dev team has simplified the process of voting. All a user needs to do is open his wallet, click the governance tab to see all the submitted proposals, and then cast his vote. Zero technical knowledge is needed for this.

The team has gone further to state that 1 NIX is required to submit a proposal during the beta testing. This amount goes to the development fund. Once the governance model is made public, submitting a proposal will cost 50 NIX.

Users can see all the active and expired proposals from the View Proposals page, end date, number of votes affirming or opposing a proposal, as well as the details of a proposal.