One-click masternode deployment service, NodeHost, has joined the list of companies that have bowed to the pressures of the crypto winter. The hosting service revealed this new development to members of their community of Discord. As expected, they blamed the general downward trend of crypto prices in the last one year. They also attributed the closure to “lack of adoption of NODE Coin” and other external factors.

NodeHost will be permanently closing its doors in exactly 1 month. This is due to the general downward trend in the market, the lack of adoption of NODE Coin and other external factors that will not allow us to keep this project running.

NodeHost aimed at being the “easiest to use, most dependable, and most secure platform available for installing, running, hosting, and sharing masternodes.” It is sad to see them exit the market. However, the irony of their exit is that a little over a month ago they applauded their performance in 2018, stating that it was a good year. It is ironic to see them shut their doors less than two months after commending their efforts.

An official year-end review from NodeHost published Jan 10, 2019, on Medium reads:

2018 was a big year for NodeHost — in just one year, NodeHost went from initial business plan to a fully functioning, automated masternode deployment platform. NodeHost started as a single developer with an idea, and has now grown into a distributed team with 7–10 members across various roles… This year, we are focused on developing additional platform features and functionality, as well as marketing the NodeHost Platform to grow our user base and number of masternodes hosted.

As part of plans to ensure that the transition is smooth, users have been asked to withdraw their coins from the platform within a month. Failure to do so, and your coins will be lost.

The crypto winter has hit hard on many crypto-based projects. A lot of these projects have either closed shop or downsized. In a previous article “Is Crypto Winter Hitting the Masternode Sector”, we discussed how the downward trend in the prices of cryptos is influencing the market.