The level of activity of your favorite masternode project on Twitter may not be unconnected to its market cap. According to the Omni Analytics Group, masternode projects with higher engagement on Twitter tend to hand higher market caps. The Group which has been tracking the correlation between both parameters for two years, revealed its findings on Twitter, stating that:

In the nearly 2 years we've been analyzing masternodes, the correlation between market cap and Twitter presence has never wavered.

Going by its findings, the following projects have been crowned top 10 masternode coins by social media ranking (in descending order): Energi, Rapids, DAPS Coin, SINOVATE, Dash, Syscoin, Horizen, Metrix Coin, Divi Project, and PIVX.

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The Omni Analytics Group uses different metrics to calculate the Social Media Ranking, like followers, average time between tweets, number of retweets, likes per tweet and number of tweets per day. This doesn't automatically mean that more followers shows a higher ranking. Syscoin, for example, which ranked 6thplace on the list, has a Twitter followership of almost 60,000 and over 5,800 tweets while Energi which topped the list has approximately 39,500 followers on the social media platform with a little over 1,000 tweets.