CryptoBridge is making the headlines yet again on a rather controversial subject. The cryptocurrency exchange announced on Monday, November 11 that it will be delisting 164 cryptocurrencies, stating a lack of development and low trading volume as the reason behind its decision.

The revelation was made via the exchange’s official read-only Telegram channel (with 705 members), and as at press time, CryptoBridge was yet to disclose this information on its official Twitter channel which has over 30,000 followers.

An excerpt from the Telegram post reads:

With regards to the current market situation and the fact that we are considered a toxic exchange (one that lists many dead projects), we conducted a thorough evaluation of the projects' recent development, their volume and community feedback. As a result, we identified projects for a delisting batch… These actions are taken to provide a safer trading environment for our users.

Some of the masternode coins to be delisted include AceD, Agora Coin, Aguoti, APR Coin, Arion, Authora, Bible Pay, Crown, Castle, Vitae, Wagerr, and XDNA, amongst others.

Earlier in October, CryptoBridge introduced an impromptu and mandatory KYC which did not go down well with members of the crypto community.