Masternodes have been praised for being one of the most effective ways to passively earn cryptocurrencies. Basically, masternode holders are required to perform some specialized functions to ensure the stability of a blockchain network, and are rewarded for their efforts.

In addition to getting rewards for stabilizing the network by staking a determined amount as collateral, masternodes typically have the right to vote on the direction or decisions of a blockchain network.

Blockchain project, $PAC has called on all masternode owners to look beyond the rewards and commissions they enjoy from newly generated coins on the network and move towards being actively involved in decisions making processes, particularly in the area of projects that will receive funding. They noted in an official blog post that the votes of masternode holders “will provide weight as to whether or not these proposals receive the funding they ask for or not.”

During the recent fork at block 155,000, there was a reset on the voting pool, leading to a loss of votes on all the proposals on the network. Masternodes have been advised to re-cast their votes on their favorite proposals. This is to ensure that only the best proposals receive funding.

The team note that:

Please ensure you cast your votes asap and continue to monitor the network for new proposals that get added monthly. Failing to cast your vote negatively affects the $PAC project as bad proposals can be voted through without a fair representation of the global Masternode communities opinion.

The voting process is still as simple as ever, and masternode owners should be able to re-cast their votes in a jiffy.

Source PACCoin