A proposal has been put forward by the $PAC team to change the collateral required to operate a masternode. The proposal aims to increase the masternode collateral from a current 500k $PAC tokens per masternode to 2 million tokens per masternode.

The argument supporting the increase is that at a current network size of about 8,000 masternodes, the network is oversized and wasteful. A large masternode network, when combined with a limiting block size, has resulted in an extremely wasteful network where approximately $40,000 is spent monthly on hosting.

According to the team, “moving masternode collateral to 2.0 million would allow the network to “right-size” itself with the final design and progress of our use case design & funding requirements.” Whilst the original plan was to keep the collateral at 2 million at the beginning of the project, the crypto market dynamics at the time of launch caused them to lower it to 500k/masternode.

Members of the community have been called to vote on what they want the collateral to be. There are three available voting options. A “YES” means that the collateral should be increased to 2 million/masternode, while a “NO” means that the collateral should remain the same at 500k/masternode. The third option which is “Abstain” means that the collateral should be increased to 1 million/masternode.

A look at the proposal stats page currently shows that a large percent of the network is in favor of increasing the masternode collateral.