Statistics show that less than half of the world’s population have access to the internet. On the contrary, around 66.72% of the world’s population own a mobile phone, meaning that a larger percentage of people (especially in underdeveloped and developing regions) with mobile phones do not have access to the internet. This can be quite limiting considering the fact that financial transactions and the world, in general, has gone digital.

$PAC network has introduced its SMS-based transactional services, PAC SMS that would allow anyone in the world to send and receive $PAC from their mobile devices. According to the team, “no apps, accounts or passwords needed. If you can text, you can receive and send $PAC.

Bringing monetary transactions to all tiers of mobile devices worldwide, simple SMS/text commands bring financial independence to those without the need for apps and smartphones.
Preview of PAC SMS

The service which is currently free-to-use in the US, Venezuela and Colombia allows users to check their balance, deposit funds, and send or withdraw their $PAC using a series of text commands. For example, “pacbal” is used to check a user’s available $PAC balance.