Blockchain project, $PAC, which stands for “People’s Alternative Choice” has been invited to speak at the upcoming Washington Elite Blockchain Summit. Robin Matthes, the Director of Charity for the blockchain project will be representing the team at the event which is scheduled to hold from 30th November through to the 1st of December.

$PAC confirmed their invitation is an official blog post and tweet, stating that:

We have been invited to speak at this year’s @WashingtonElite #Blockchain Summit. Our Director of #Charity Robin Matthes will be leading the charge! Good luck!

The event which will be hosted by Bruce Porter Jr, CEO at GlobalBoost, will be graced by top industry leaders like John McAfee, Kent Kristensen, President Vit Jedlicka, Jorg Molt, and Jared Tate, amongst others. The Washington Elite Blockchain Summit hopes to foster world-class blockchain conferences, while promoting support for non-profits such as Tour De Crypto and The Blinded Veterans Associations, amongst others. In line with this, 25% of revenue from ticket sales will be donated to these charities.

Interestingly, $PAC which is a fast, secured, and cost-effective digital payment network has been chosen as the default payment option for tickets to the show. $PAC will zero in on the Blinded Veteran Athletes, in addition to other activities at the event. They will be giving airdrops in $PAC to the attendees. Also, they promised to match whatever is donated by delegates at the event in $PAC, doubling the total donation that will be going to the Blinded Veterans Association.