There is no arguing the fact that cryptocurrencies have come a long way in the last few years. Despite the remarkable feat of this nascent technology, blockchain, one of the primary hurdles it must cross before going mainstream is adoption. I mean, the essence of a distributed ledger would have been defeated if there are no businesses or individuals to use it. Thankfully, blockchain tech and associated solutions have been gaining grounds in recent times.

Paytomat is helping to push crypto adoption to businesses. Their ready-to-install solution allows businesses to start accepting crypto payments without having to purchase specialized equipment. Interestingly, they already serve more than 300 merchants; from retail stores to restaurants, beauty salons, and even medical outfits.

The company which currently have over 14 crypto payment options (including Horizen $ZEN, Zcoin $XZC and DASH) that can be seamlessly integrated into traditional business structures has announced that they are opening their doors to the North American market. They confirmed this expansion in an official Medium post, as well as in a tweet. A short video attached to the tweet showed someone (from Horizen I guess) paying for a cappuccino in less than a minute using ZEN.

Although the details of Paytomat’s expansion are still unknown, they pointed to their strategic partnership with The American Nightlife Association, ANA, which brings together over 30,000 merchants. What this means for cryptocurrencies like Horizen is that the rate of adoption is bound to increase as more merchants step into the equation.