To read more about CPChains masternodes, read our article Upcoming: CPChain $CPC masternode analyses. Masternode collateral will be announced in August.

PDash which stands for Parallel Distributed Architecture for Data Storage and Sharing is a blockchain platform by CPChain (-an IoT blockchain project). The platform is designed to bridge the gap between data providers and consumers.

Although the challenge of data generation and collation has been solved by modern technology (and made even easier through Internet of Things), data sharing has remained a major issue. Generated data is typically in the hands of large corporations and governments, instead of in the confines of its producers, the end users. Put differently, these corporations have the power to access, manipulate and even sell the content generated by end users, with little to no benefits to end users. There is also the risk of data breach. PDash hopes to solve these problems by developing blockchain solutions for data security, privacy, fragmentation and data-sharing.

PDash addresses these major hurdles by connecting data providers and users more efficiently and securely via a chain that unites and stimulates all data sharing participants. We’re excited to give our fans and future users an inside look at our innovative platform. 
— Dr. Long Chengnian, CEO of CPChain.

The platform comprises of three major elements/innovations, all linked by a decentralized data storage – the Chain. These elements include a data wallet, an open marketplace and a distributed proxy network. PDash wallet allows users to fully control their data, while providing advanced security. The marketplace connects data providers with consumers and their proxy network safeguards data relay. The Chain, which is the most essential part of the platform connects all three aspects of the platform, providing mechanisms to incentivize data sharing and punish those who try to cheat the system.