Phore has welcomed a new member to their management team. The leading blockchain platform announced on April 10 that Mike Trisko, a former Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting has joined the team, and will function as the Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately.

Trisko has ample experience working in a number of industries including technology, financial services and blockchain, amongst others. He has over 25 years working in tech consulting in Deloitte Consulting and has previously handled similar roles in PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP and Anderson Consulting. There is a long list of other clients he has worked for including HSBC, United Airlines, Sysco, JP Morgan Invest and Dell Technologies, amongst others.

Trisko expressed his excitement joining the Phore team. He noted:

I believe Phore has the capability to make a tremendous impact on the industry. The opportunities that lie ahead for Phore as we complete our next-generation architecture, decentralized applications, and deliver complete blockchain solutions are enormous. I look forward to leading Phore’s next chapter and delivering the innovation and execution it will take to be successful.

Other changes to Phore leadership include former Co-CEO, Thomas Ambler, now assuming the position of a Chief Operating Officer, and former Co-CEO, Anthony Alleyne is the new Chairman.

The team has noted that all of these changes are geared towards expanding Phore’s growth.