Phore which is one of the established blockchain projects, has recently partnered with Platinum Circle for the Global Assets and Wealth Initiative (GAW). The GAW Initiative is a world-class business group that comprises of governments, corporations, and investors, from all around the world. The purpose of the initiative is to fuel and enhance future economic and business collaborations.

Phore has been given a platform to speak on blockchain and its distributed ledger technology at the GAW events. Co-CEO of Phore, Anthony Alleyne will function as a Co-Chair in one of the events at the GAW Forum in Singapore. He remarked that “[he is] honored to Co-Chair the GAW Forum in Singapore, to introduce blockchain and distributed ledger technology to a broad, diverse and influential audience.

The Chairman of Platinum Circle, Lionel Lee, commenting on the partnership, noted that:

We are delighted to have Phore Blockchain as a Partner and Co-Chair for the GAW Initiative and the GAW Forum in Singapore… Phore Blockchain brings cutting edge and innovative technology insights to the business and government leaders from our Community, as well as invited guests gathering from the US, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Singapore. As a leader in the Blockchain space, Mr. Alleyne is well placed to help this diverse group understand the best ways to leverage and invest in this space.