Phore in an official Medium post has announced a partnership with World Mobile. World Mobile which claims to be the first blockchain-based telecoms company, will collaborate with Phore to design and launch blockchain-based telecoms solutions.

Everyday users are at the center of the solutions – solutions that will lower the cost of both local and international calls, while offering increased security and transparency.

Phore ($PHR) users will benefit from the partnership when they use $PHR to pay for call made on World Mobile’s network. They will get a 10% discount either on the cost of the call, or in additional talk time.

As part of the highlights of the partnership, Phore SIM cards which are powered by World Mobile, will be available for sale on Phore’s Marketplace. Peer-to-peer telephony services will also be available on Phore Marketplace and Wallet.

Both companies are working towards launching a limited edition of Phore mobile phone. The SIM-less device will connect with the best value operator anywhere in the world, and eliminate roaming.

The primary target markets for this collaboration are Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Telecom services in these developing markets have been kept artificially high for a long time. This partnership aims to shake up the telecom space in these regions, and foster growth and innovation.