Synapse, the “next generation” sharding protocol of the Phore blockchain will launch on testnet on May 14. The team made the announcement via an official Medium post, stating:

We are pleased to announce the Phore Synapse Beacon (Main) Chain will launch on testnet on Tuesday, May 14, 2019, at 9 pm PST.

Synapse is Phore’s advance Proof-of-Stake sharding architecture meant to enable significant enhancements and upgrades, particularly in the area of scalability. The protocol will also serve as a foundation for Phore’s smart contracts.

Sharding was first introduced by Ethereum in an attempt to fix its scalability problem and enable more transactions per second by partitioning its database. Even though Synapse borrows some ideas from Ethereum, its entire code has been from scratch.

Announcing the upcoming testnet, the team noted that the purpose of the release is to test the “stability and usability of the beacon chain code” before moving on to develop the shard code. On that note, very little has been done with regards to the user interface. Designs to the interface will come in later.

Phore “Synapse” architecture
Pre-selected volunteers will be running 100–300 validators each. Validators propose beacon chain blocks and attest to shard data. Our volunteers will be reporting issues and providing important feedback to us to help improve the code as a critical part of the development process.