Layered masternode blockchain, PIRL, has announced that its payment gateway, PirlPay, has launched and will start accepting subscriptions. Confirming the launch via a tweet, the team said:

PirlPay is now released and accepting subscriptions.

The payment gateway was built to service PIRL’s ecosystem, allowing merchants and e-commerce businesses to accept PIRL as a payment option for their products and services. The team in its whitepaper noted that PirlPay will allow users to directly link their wallets to the ecosystem and make payments through a Poseidon account. The gateway will be used in PIRL’s all-in-one platform which hosts a plethora of decentralized applications including file storage, communication, entertainment and peer-to-peer escrow trading.

In general, PirlPay will allow users to buy and sell goods, make recurring payments such as payment for subscription, and even buy fiat currency, all using PIRL as a payment option. Additionally, online sellers can plug-in PirlPay to their stores and start receiving crypto payments.