PIVX has once again pioneered a blockchain innovation in the crypto space. The crypto project which was the first PoS coin to implement Zerocoin Protocol, and the first to enable private with zPoS has pioneered the first-ever Zerocoin protocol that can work on a light node.

The Zerocoin Light Node protocol was developed by PIVX developer “furszy”. The protocol will allow light nodes to perform mint and spend functions without storing the entire commitments of Zerocoin.

A light node is a node which doesn’t require the entire blockchain to be downloaded to function. It operates by downloading the block headers and following the longest chain, relaying through random nodes or elected trusted nodes, allowing them to do the heavy lifting.

Prior to this Light Node protocol, full nodes were saddled with the exclusive responsibility of powering mint and spend functions. Since a light node does not require a full copy of the blockchain, it uses trusted nodes or random full nodes to perform memory-intensive tasks. However, with this protocol users can now enjoy increased privacy without bothering about hard drive space or computational power.

The Zerocoin Light Node protocol allows smartphones to use Zerocoin. This was not possible before now.