The privacy-centric cryptocurrency, PIVX has entered a “Friendly Alliance” with ZENZO, an entertainment ecosystem. Confirming the partnership in an official tweet, PIVX’s team stated that:

We are pleased to announce our newest PIVX Alliance. PIVX is developing relationships with collaborative projects who use the PIVX codebase. ZENZO aims to integrate blockchain + crypto in the gaming sector.

A proposal of the Alliance was submitted to PIVX over a month ago and it appears all the necessary boxes have been ticked. Going by the proposal, the Alliance which is meant to foster mutual growth has been divided into 2 parts – “Friendly Alliance” and “Strategic Alliance”, with other smaller deliverables.

Following the success of the Friendly Alliance which is expected to last for about a year (during this period either parties can withdraw from the partnership), the team will move to a Strategic Alliance.

Some of the deliverables from ZENZO include integrating PIVX as a payment option on their marketplace and games, while PIVX will promote ZENZO to their community.

ZENZO is focused on providing a use case for identity systems by first building an entertainment ecosystem. This system includes bi-directional video game e-commerce, facilitation of independent game development, an online arcade with your favorite games, a private arcade with rare independent titles, and a free-market tournament system.