This week we have the second part of our interview with PIVX team member Crypto S.I. He has been obsessed with crypto since 2012 and joined the PIVX team several months after its launch in 2016, where he is responsible for governance modelling. You can read the first part here.

Currently, there are 72 places where PIVX is accepted. Are you content with this, and what is your priority and strategy of having PIVX used in more stores?
No, 72 stores are not enough for me, and I'm certain the entire PIVX community is ready to see that number increase drastically. We currently have two main roadblocks to adoption that we are aiming to overcome.

Firstly We have spent the past 18 months making astounding technical progress on the PIVX network, this has lead to quite a lot of instability and has meant we have not been able to focus on user experience as much as we could have. Now that we're in a considerably advanced place we can start to work out the problems that have been putting off merchants. We have also put together two good sized Business Development teams that will do more than just exchange additions.

The second major roadblock has been that we have had problems finding a reliable payment processor. PIVX is on coinpayments, but that's not enough for us. We are aiming to be added to other payment processors as well as building our own payment processor via our Alliance protocol and the Vendible project. This should take our exposure to the online retail market to the next level.

We are also actively working with projects such as Adbank to build alliances and increase our use-cases across everything crypto where private payments can be used. The next 6 months I would expect to see the number of merchants who accept PIVX to raise by 100x at least

In 5 years, where will PIVX be positioned and how is it being used?
Well, 5 years is about 3 lifetimes in Crypto. I would expect to see PIVX still in the top group of privacy coins, but with added prominence in the Governance coins sector also as our extreme amounts of decentralisation are really forcing us to build good consensus models and quickly.

We are already the fastest developing Masternode project, we are developing even faster than DASH and we have a slew of forks. I expect that to continue and I'd like to see at least 5 PIVX forks in the top 100 on coinmarketcap. Other than that, depending on the crypto landscape in 5 years time, and based on the reality of crypto, I would just be glad if the project is still running in that time because that will be a huge success.