Several tech and social media giants have been against cryptocurrencies since the boom of late 2017. In January 2018 for example, Facebook placed a ban on cryptocurrency ads. This was later relaxed in June of the same year. Also in June, Google banned crypto mining apps from the Play Store. Apple also followed suit, banning several crypto apps. In general, it has become difficult for crypto apps to operate, since 2017 was met by a high level of proliferation of crypto scams.

With this in mind, PIVX has finally scaled through the hurdle of getting their dedicated iOS wallet onto the App Store. This makes PIVX the first anonymous Proof-of-Stake coin to achieve this feat. The team in expressing their excitement noted that only 7 of the top cryptocurrencies have been able to get dedicated wallets onto the App Store.

Screenshots of PIVX iOS wallet app. Source: App Store 

Prior to this announcement, Coinomi was the only option available to iOS users to access their PIVX on their mobile devices. Although Coinomi offers a lot of features, it doesn’t support the privacy features that PIVX offers. This decision by Apple could represent a pivotal shift in how crypto apps are treated on its platform.

Some of the things users can do on iOS app include:

  • Send and receive PIVX
  • Backup and recover wallet via a recovery phrase
  • Connect directly to the PIVX network for transactions