Being able to buy cryptocurrencies directly with fiat money is generally a preferred option to having to buy Bitcoin or any of the top cryptos first, and then converting to a preferred digital asset. For starters, it is cheaper to buy cryptos directly with fiat, since exchanges have fees for every transaction performed. Additionally, considering how volatile the crypto space is, the time spent waiting for a buy order to be fulfilled that represent significant gains or losses.

Talking about crypto-fiat pairings, users can now buy PIVX directly on using the Chinese Yuan. PIVX disclosed this exciting news in an official tweet, stating that:

We are excited to announce our first CNY fiat trading pair at @bitebtccom exchange in Singapore. Now $PIVX/CNY, PIVX/BTC and PIVX/ETH market trading and bank transfers are now available for verified traders.

Launched in January 2016, PIVX is a community-centric cryptocurrency that can be “easily transferred all around the world in a blink of an eye with nearly non-existent transaction fees with market leading security & privacy.”