Top privacy blockchain project, PIVX, has expanded its reach through a partnership with Netcoins Holdings Inc. What this means is that PIVX is now available in over 171,000 over-the-counter (OTC) retails locations worldwide, enabled by Netcoins’ Private Brokerage Services business. PIVX is the 15th cryptocurrency to be listed by Netcoins. Additionally, PIVX had to pay a listing fee of $15,000 to use the service. This is a recurring annual fee on LaaS (Listing as a Service) business model of Netcoins.

Netcoins is working towards making cryptocurrency accessible to every users and investors through globally spread brokerage services. With their OTC trading desks currently available in over 170,000 locations, interested crypto enthusiast can easily buy and sell some of the top cryptocurrencies.

Director of Business Development at PIVX, John MacPherson commented on the listing, saying:

We at PIVX are very excited for the partnership with the Netcoins platform. With global top-tier OTC trading services combined with a network of over 170,000 retail locations worldwide - I really feel this is going to benefit everyone. This is a great move in the direction of usability and liquidity for PIVX